Taste the World from Home

Unique spice blends, authentic recipes, everyday meal ideas shipped monthly - all you need to bring the world home.

Taste the World
from Home

Unique spice blends, authentic recipes, everyday meal ideas shipped monthly - all you need to bring the world home.

Get our Mexico Box for FREE with a 12-month subscription

The Mexico Box ($69 value) is jam packed with five spice blends, a signature spice, a serape-themed table setting for four, all the dry ingredients needed and our Eat Like a Local magazine full of authentic recipes and quick meal ideas.

How It Works

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Select one of our subscription plans: month-to-month, 6-months, or 12-months. FREE SHIPPING

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Select the type of recipes you'd like to receive. Each kit has 4-6 authentic recipes and 10 Everyday Meal ideas by diet.

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Open up and begin your own tour of the region. Use the spices with everyday ingredients and watch our instructional videos for expert tips.

Now shipping "Around the World for the Holidays" Kit

What's Inside?!

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  • UNIQUE SPICE BLENDS: Every month you'll get 4-6 brand new, one-of-a-kind spice blends.
  • AUTHENTIC RECIPES: You'll get 4-6 iconic recipes that capture the essence of the regions you'll explore. 
  • 'EAT LIKE A LOCAL' MAGAZINE: An 8-12 pages showcasing authentic recipes & everyday meal ideas.
  • EVERYDAY MEAL IDEAS: We give you at least 10 ideas and mini recipes to play with the spice blends.

Easy to Make Recipes

Each recipe is crafted with your kitchen in mind. We select authentic recipes
that capture the essence of the region, but simplify the cooking process so your dishes are a success.

The Spice Blends

We feed our spice blends to our own children, so you can be sure that what you'll receive is of superior quality, sourced equitably.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

We adore our customers who honor and elevate the home cooking tradition.
Here's what some of them have to say about Wanderspice.

“It's important that I know where my food comes from, as a vegetarian. So getting spices that are fair to the people who grow them is just as important.”

Xavier Monte

Xavier Monte

St. Louis

“The recipes work. Hands down. Some quick, others require more time and multiple steps, but I understood them easily.

Briana Townsend

Briana Townsend

NEw York

“I love that they include a signature single spice and they describe how that flavor reflects on country. It makes you understand culture behind the food.”

Michelle Castellano

Michelle Castellano


"These are the real deal spices. The minute I opened the packet, I could smell the difference. I can't believe how intense the flavors are. So good. Plus, we used the spices in a variety of regular meals. The Chili Lime on fruit is a dream!"

Madeleine Elsevyf

Miami Beach

"The recipes were so easy to follow and my dish looked just like the picture, too. My family was awfully impressed!

Denise Malone


Exclusive! For Subscribers Only

Hey, lucky! Only subscribers get access to our secret blends... & get $10 off!


Your first kit ships within 2-3 business days. Subsequent kits ship on the 20th of every month.

Shipping within the U.S. is always FREE. Shipping to Canada and the United Kingdom is $15 USD.

Our spices come from small farmers direct from the region showcased in the kit. Alternatively, we partner with regional cooperatives that ensure the spices adhere to Fair Trade best practices.

Each kit contains our Eat Like a Local magazine that includes a full shopping list for each of the recipes. You get to select your fresh produce and proteins, along with recommended cooking oils, and common dry ingredients. We provide the exotic and difficult to find components.

We include 4-6 authentic recipes that are simplified for home kitchens. We also test the recipes on popular and classic American foods to give you at least 10 fun ways to use the spice blends with everyday meals.