Test Preparation Service

Beyond Academy offers students helpful resources to prepare them for taking ACT/SAT Test.  The Method Test Prep tool will help you to prepare for your standardized tests. Once you become a member you can gain access to this tool.

Member Test Preperation

ACT / SAT Test Preparation:

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  • Learn how to take the ACT or SAT
  • Master your study skills
  • Take practice tests
  • Peace of Mind for Test Day!!

Which Test is Right For You

SAT/ACT Score Required:

  • If a school requires that you have taken the SAT or ACT what does that look like for them?
  • Do they require you to submit scores with your application?
  • Or, do they require you to submit scores before you move on to campus and start classes?

Test Optional Schools:

  • For schools that are “test optional,” what score(s) did their average accepted student submit last year?
  • Use this information to create specific score goals for yourself for each individual school. This will be helpful so you know what a “good score to submit” would be based on each individual school.

Test Blind Schools:

  • Schools that are Test Blind are schools that will not look at your SAT or ACT scores, even if you send them and they are incredible.

SAT or ACT? That is the question. Information, Resource to Prepare and Tips & Tricks for Taking the SAT or ACT!

 Remember – as you build your college list, be aware of and pay attention to each schools requirements on SAT or ACT testing and scores!