Panzanella Salad Overhead

Panzanella Salad [From Tuscany]

Panzanella Salad The final recipe on our culinary tour of Tuscany ends with the traditional Panzanella Salad. Typical of rustic Tuscan cuisine, nothing is wasted, including day-old, or stale bread. It finds a brand new, vibrant life tossed with olive oil, vinegar, fresh basil and hearty chunks of freshly picked
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Olive Tapenade Recipe without Anchovies

Olive Tapenade Recipe without Anchovies The biggest mistake you can possibly make when making this tapenade recipe is not making sure your olives are pitted before putting them in your food processor or using your favorite chef knife. Ouch! Folding in the rosemary and basil will keep your tapenade looking

Tuscan Tomato and Egg Skillet

Tuscan Tomato Egg Skillet Hearty and filling especially for a weekend morning, This Tuscan Tomato Egg Skillet is a standard fare in the Florence and Pisa regions of Italy. Eddie's Take: This very easy to make Tuscan breakfast is a staple in Tuscany. Rustic and hearty it was eaten by