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We provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and give back to the community. These skills and experiences will help them stand out on their college applications.

Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community through educational and charity projects. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. 

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Mindfulness Leadership Program

Mindfulness Leadership Program

Do you worry about your kids not being able to focus and being stressed? 

Do you worry about them playing video games or spending too much time on electronics? 

Do you think it’s hard for kids to be grateful and respectful? 

In this six 2-hour session program, our highly qualified and reputable instructors will teach skills, share stories, lead discussions and practice. 

By the end of the six sessions, your kids will be: 

1) More confident in their leadership skills

2) Self-aware

3) Mindfully disciplined,

4) Able to make the right decisions.

Led by Distinguished Community Leaders

Rashim Mogha

A speaker on mindful leadership and a published author. As a senior director at Oracle, Rashim is a distinguished leader who inspires her teams to dream big and achieve goals. 

Dr. Sherry Hu

Sherry is the principal of BeyondAcademyCA.org, devoted in serving families and community. 

She has work experience as an assistant professor, a director of an international organization and a senior management of a Fortune 200 company.

Dublin Mayor David Haubert

Besides his services to the city, David is also a CEO advisor and an expert in leadership and communications. As an honored guest speaker, David will lecture in classes and also award the certificate to the students.

What is it?

This unique six-week mindfulness leadership program will greatly help your children by developing their emotional intelligence, self-discipline and motivation, and improving their communication, goal-setting, and performance in both academics and extracurricular activities. It will also help foster virtues like gratitude, mutual respect, and appreciation. 

Program Overview

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This mindful leadership program consists of six sessions, with each session being 2 hours long. In each session, the instructor will teach skills, share stories, lead discussions, and practice with students in the group. Simple but effective homework assignments will be given at the end of each session to help kids practice skills learned in the classes and form good habits between sessions. 

By the end of the six sessions, students will be more confident in their leadership skills. They will know how be self-aware and emotionally intelligent. They will also be more mindful and disciplined and will be able to make intelligent and right decisions. They will be more motivated, positive, and able to take responsibility for their own success. 

  1. Class 1. Fundamental principles of mindfulness leadership: Learn and practice mindfulness leadership and how to apply it in school and life, and be mindful of postures, rhythms, meditation, body and mind.
  2. Class 2. Emotional intelligence: Identify emotional status, reaction to emotions, and skills to reset emotion status. 
  3. Class 3. Focus and Performance: Learn to practice mindful seeing and listening. Practice being present and focused, learn how to handle issues like test anxiety and bullying, and learn how to improve performance in school academics and extra-curricular activities. 
  4. Class 4. Heathy Habits: Learn to practice mindful eating. Understand how eating habits impact health and fitness and form life-long heathy habits in learning and self-improvement. 
  5. Class 5. Goal setting and skills for achievement: Learn how to set goals, plans, strategies, time management and execution. 
  6. Class 6. Leadership practicing, sharing and celebration: Bringing it all together and reflecting. Students share learning and growing during the past six weeks, discuss how to continue to improve and apply skills learned into leadership in schools and life, celebrate and get certificates from honored guest speaker Mayor David Haubert.


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Making Mindful Youth Leaders In Tri-Valley 

Mindful leadership applies the principles of mindfulness to help us be better leaders and positively impact our community.

DUBLIN, CA —  In today’s overworked, over-scheduled and overwhelmed lifestyle, we are living under constant stress of catching up with the fast pace. The same is true for our children. Practicing Mindfulness helps us be present in the moment which in turn helps with better focus, clarity and creativity. Mindful leadership applies the principles of mindfulness to help us be better leaders and positively impact our community. 


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