Halloween Monsters Rice Krispies

Tasty Krispies get a Halloween makeover with candy melts and fall spices.

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Halloween Monsters Rice Krispies

I’ve made Rice Krispie treats for my kids exactly once in their entire lives. Yes, I know, it’s an utter travesty. So I decided to make it up to them by making the kookiest, spookiest Halloween Monsters Rice Krispies ever.

I gave them free reign on shapes and design. And because we’re Wanderspice, we added lovely fall spices to enhance our creepy characters.

Wanna meet them?

Meet Bandit, covered in orange candy melt with a black candy melt mask. He’s super sneaky, but his aromatic cardamom butter coating always gives him away.

Ribbons finds herself shellshocked at her odd patterning, always bewildered as to how she managed to land on Monster Mountain. (Which is Eddie’s freshly laundered hoodie stuffed with a towel that is now permanently sticky. Do NOT replicate.) But her light cinnamon butter coating soothes her frazzled nerves.

Slasher – the meanest of the bunch, fears nothing and demands the most dangerous of fall spices for his coating – Nutmeg!

Eleanor thinks she may have had more of a head, but can’t seem to quite remember whether it was bitten off or cut off. And she’s very concerned that her vanilla butter coating will attract all sorts of the wrong attention.

Sadly, our fifth monster Mr. M met a tragic end before his scheduled photo shoot.

A rough and tumble 18-month-old snatched him viciously from his perch and shoved him into her mouth. He didn’t stand a chance.

As for you, just make a regular batch of Rice Krispies treats, get some Wilson Candy Melts and candy eyes either online or from Michael’s, start using those beautiful fall spices mixed with a melted butter and have fun with the designs.

Your kitchen will be a disaster, however. And that’s the scariest part.

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Halloween Monsters Rice Krispies

Tasty Krispies get a Halloween makeover with candy melts and fall spices.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 417 kcal


Rice Krispies Base

  • 6 cups Rice Krispies
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter
  • 5 cups mini marshmallows

Candy Melt Coating

  • Black candy melt Wilson brand
  • Green candy melt Wilson brand
  • Orange candy melt Wilson brand
  • candy eyes any size

Spice Flavors

  • 4 teaspoons butter
  • 4 pinches spices random


Rice Krispies Base

  1. In a large pot melt butter over low heat.

  2. Add one cup of marshmallows at a time, stirring until completely melted and soupy. 

  3. Stir in Rice Krispies one cup at a time. The mixture will start to thicken and get progressively more difficult to stir.

  4. Scoop mixture onto an oiled sheet pan and flatten to about 1.5 inches thick. Refrigerate.

Decorating Halloween Monsters

  1. Add individual color groups of candy melt to three separate containers

  2. Microwave each for one mixture and stir. Heat again for approx. 15 seconds. Do not overheat.

  3. Add a teaspoon of shortening to create a silkier texture.

  4. Remove treats from the fridge and using a sharp knife cut random shapes with straight bottoms. 

  5. To add spice flavors, mix chosen spice into a teaspoon of melted butter and brush onto Krispies. (optional)

  6. Determine general design pattern. Place treat on a slotted spatula and using a spoon, gently drop coat variations of candy melt one color at a time. 

  7. No need to coat the back. Once designed, slide onto a clean sheet pan. Using a fork or toothpick, create patterns between the different shades of candy melt or dip a toothpick into various colors splatter design on coated Krispies. 

  8. Add eyes in any variation. Refrigerate before serving. 

Recipe Notes

Credit to Kellogg's for their original recipe. And to One Little Project and A Girl After My Own Heart for the inspiration. 


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