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We believe our students can reach their full potential if they have the proper guidance. We assess students' personalities and interests, provide guidance on their major and college choices and help families with students aid and funding strategies. We have helped each family save about $83k financial aid for college.

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Give your child an advantage in their College Education

We save clients an average of
$83K in college costs

-College Admissions


-Financial Aid

-Grants, Scholarships, and more

Our Services

College Funding

We help with financial aid applications, college financial plans, strategy analysis and a personalized scholarship search. 

We can help students get financial aid for college.  Did you apply for financial aid and get turned down?  We can help you with the appeal.

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College Admissions

We provide mentoring for the college process, including admissions guidance, SAT/ACT prep, college list building, application and essay review and mock interviews.

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Career Development

We assess students' personalities and interests and provide guidance on their careers through resume and interview prep, mock interviews and internship searches.

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Never Over Pay For College

A new approach to college planning

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Beyond Gold College Planning Package

College Funding Planning & Timeline

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College Planning Ruby Package

Comprehensive support and guidance

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What is Beyond Academy

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Why Choose Our College Planning Program?


"I was skeptical about how much this counseling would help me, but looking through all the resources that they offered, it was like their life's mission was to get you to your college of your choice. Through this counseling, I got into all the schools that I applied to with most of them giving me generous scholarships. I can definitely recommend it for anyone lost in the college process like I was.

Natalie Thompson

University of North Carolina

"I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know and how easily mistakes can be made. The guidance and assistance was money well spent. I will use POM again when my youngest is applying down the road."

Richard Diaze

University of Miami

I sent my daughter to Beyond Academy for the university admissions process. Dr. Sherry and her American team did fantastic work. They helped my daughter find the major that she loves, that fits her skills, and has a bright future. My daughter now gets offers from Carnegie Mellon University, UCLA, etc. I am a very happy father now!

March Miranda

University of Notre Dame

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